Materia Prima. International Festival of the Form Theatre is a unique event on a global scale.

Materia Prima presents surprising and revealing performances, in which the theater combines with a new circus and dance theater, dance intermingles with multimedia, as well as forms of puppet theater, masks and shadows, where actors’ acting often contradicts the principles of physics and where the imagination has no limits. The Festival program consists of attractive, phenomenal performances and perfectly performed performances.

Materia Prima is addressed to adult audiences as the Festival of Polish premieres and artists discovered for the Polish audience. Every two years in Krakow there are world-famous theaters, present at international, prestigious festivals, appreciated by audiences around the world and awarded many times.

During Materia Prima. 5th International Festival of the Form Theatre  will feature 12 well-known theaters from Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Switzerland and Great Britain.

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