Festival organizer:

Teatr Groteska (The Grotesque Theatre) is one of the oldest and most reputable form theatres operating in Poland. Its productions are appreciatedd for their focus on both clarity of message and unique aesthetics.

Attractive theatre shows produced by Teatr Groteska are performed nearly 500 times per year for nearly 100 000 viewers representing all generations. Along with dynamic and clever productions fo children and teens, the company also offers shows for adults renowned for their scenography and visuality. The repertoir presented on Groteska’s stage is enriched by the company’s creative involvement in nationwide and international cultural and educational projects and events.

The company’s Artistic and General Director is Adolf Weltschek

Teatr Groteska is a theatre for people with imagination – a guarantee of high standards in performing arts!


more information: www.groteska.pl.


Groteska Theatre

ul. Skarbowa 2, 31-121 Kraków
+ 48 12 633 48 22 , + 48 12 631 81 80

Artistic Director of the Festival:

Adolf Weltschek

Festival Programme Council:

Małgorzata Zwolińska, Adolf Weltschek, Wojciech Graniczewski

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