Jakop Ahlbom Company


19 i 20 February

7:00 pm

Teatr Ludowy

os. Teatralne 34

Duration: 70 minutes

Performers: Jakop Ahlbom,
Reinier Schimmel, Kelly Hirina,
Irene Slotboom, Silke Hundertmark,
Inez Almeida and Klara Alexová.

Director: Jeroen van den Berg.

Set: Daan Ament.

Costumes: Susann Rittermann.

Soundscape: Wim Conradi.

Light Design: Rob Galdermans.

Technicians: Gertjan v/d Geer,
John Valkering, Dirk Houthoff,
Colin Kassies and Rob Galdermans.

Magic support: Woedy Woet.

Photography: Arjan Benning.
and Stephan van Hesteren.

Graphic design: Studio Niels Megens.

Production / publicity:
Alles voor de Kunsten; Meeke Beumer,
Wilma Kuite and Eva Schneider.

Entrapped in a magicians head. The internationally successful performance Vielfalt by Jakop Ahlbom Company returns to theatres in the Netherlands. The audience will be enthralled by its dancing duets, magical tricks and pure slapstick, as if watching a surrealist film. Defying the boundaries of fantasy, Vielfalt feeds our imagination.

When a magician lets a woman disappear during an act, she does not return. Her husband does his utmost to bring her back and even steps into the magician’s fantasy world. He ends up in a surrealist maze where illusion and reality intertwine. Every time he seems to have found her, she slips away again. The man disappears further and further into the magician’s mind.

”The magical tricks and top-of-the-physical theatre arouse admiration”.


„Vielfalt is pure magic”.