Wanted Posse

Dance N’ Speak Easy

17 i 18 February

7:00 pm

Nowohuckie Centrum Kultury 

al. Jana Pawła II 232

Duration: 60 minutes

Choreography: Njagui Hagbe

Staging: Philippe Lafeuille

Wanted Posse’s latest show “Dance N’ Speak Easy” confirms the company’s virtuoso know-how in a meticulous and funny scenography, by Philippe Lafeuille (stage director of triumphal “Tutu” - Audience Award at the Avignon OFF 2015 Festival). Choreographer NjaguiHagbé and director Philippe Lafeuille have imagined for this show an unexpected cocktail thatcombines hip hop dancing, singing, and burlesque.

In a New-York based pocket-sized and sticky heated speakeasy, five drunk mobsters fight over a voluptuous pin-up girl tothe sounds of Miles Davis, James Brown and Betty Boop.

Several styles are mixed and dissected on the swing of the 20’s and the 30’s. Light and airy Housedance is flirting with Charlestonwild footsteps. Breakdance and Lindy Hop are swirling. And Freestyle Hip Hop is keeping up with delirious Jitterbug.

“Dance N’ Speakeasy” takes us back to the troubled years of Prohibition in the United States and plays with African-American references from the 1920s to nowadays, including 70’s blaxploitation and 90’s gangsta rap.


As the world reference of French hip hop, Wanted Posse won several world champion titles, including at the Battle Of The Year contest in 2001.

Well-known for their scenic creativity and their technics, the posse broke the codes of hip hop to highlight choreographies and each dancers’ personality.

The Wanted Posse members have worked for global reach art projects with choreographers such as Benjamin Millepied, Blanca Li, Kamel Ouali, and singers such as Madonna and Robbie Williams.

They have also performed in popular musicals like “The Lion King”, “The Ten Commandments”, “The Three Musketeers” and the Folies Bergères revues …

But it is in the Wanted Posse creations that they get close to their roots and outperform themselves the most. They imagine choreographies and footsteps inspired by their cultural and artistic influences.

Tapdance, Pantsula, African and Asian dances…. Each style is analyzed and adapted into a unique melt’hip hop