Compagnia Finzi Pasca


22 i 23 February

7:00 pm

Centrum Kongresowe ICE Kraków

– Sala Teatralna S2

ul. Marii Konopnickiej 17

Duration: 75 minutes


Daniele Finzi Pasca Author, director, lighting designer

Maria Bonzanigo Music

Hugo Gargiulo Set and props designer

Giovanna Buzzi Costumes

Roberto Vitalini per Video designer

Marzio Picchetti Production director, light co-designer

Matteo Verlicchi Associate set designer



Melissa Vettore, Beatriz Sayad,

Jess Gardolin, Micol Veglia,

Francesco Lanciotti


Produkcja/Production team

Antonio Vergamini Production consultor

Nicolò Baggio Technical director – Rigger

Viviana Cangialosi Photographer, visual designer, communication

Francesca Comin Project manager

Jean-Claude Blaser Flight system

Pietro Maspero Technical coordinator – Head of Light

Alessandro Napoli Sound operator

Marco Duvia Rigger – Maquinist

Juana Gargiulo Assistant director (intern)

Ambra Schumacher Assistant costumes

Sara Bianchi Dressmaker

Marta Hurle Communications

Leonardo Tibiletti Assistant sound (intern)

Mattia Brumana Assistant video designer

João Vettore Catan Percussion coach (intern)

Antonio Vettore Catan Collaborator graphic design (intern)

Luca Mösle Technician (intern)

Pietro Introzzi Technicien

Tanja Milosevic Pre-production

Claudia Lafranchi Synthesis and analysis of the novel Nuda

Sarai Gomez International booking

Estelle Bersier Project manager ate the creation phase



Laura Garcia Itarte, clarinet

Filippo Jakova, violin

Barbara Krüger, violin

Georgiana Bordeianu, viola

Claude Hauri, cello

Massimiliano Favella, contrabass

Corrado Greco, piano

Elisa Netzer, harp

Goran Stojanovic, accordion

João Vettore Catan, percussion

Nina Barbieri, percussion

Diego Calasso, percussion

Gustavo Etchenique, percussion

Lorenzo Stoll, guitar

Maria Bonzanigo, piano

Juana Gargiulo, piano

Recording and mixing

Lemura Recording Studio e Compagnia Finzi Pasca

“I had never felt so alone, slight, naked…” Inspired by the novel of the same name by Daniele FinziPasca, Nuda, the new creation of the Company is a show full of mystery and amazement, where depths and abysses are in continuous dialogue with a light and luminous world, made up of overlapping planes that interact with each other.

Five extraordinary artists interpret a show in which the theatrical power is combined with a poetic narration with a dreamlike flavor, in absolute harmony with the physical theater and the aerial dance. Twin sisters, who grew up together in an “eccentric” family, yet so similar to everyone’s, touch each other, brush against one another, sometimes thread on each other, and then rediscover themselves in an embrace full of joy and newfound freedom. An acrobatic and theatrical game made possible by an innovative flight system, together with an installation of interactive lights intertwined with the narrative and a powerful sound universe, together compose this magical and surreal show.